Workshops At ISO27001 Ireland Event

Spearline Risk and Compliance workshop at ISO27001

Facilitated by Grainne O’Keeffe


Grainne O’Keeffe is Head of Innovation at Spearline Risk and Compliance, a global software company based in Skibbereen, West Cork that develops data protection software solutions. ‘Spearline Data Protection’ is a GDPR operational compliance workflow tool that gives you a central place to record all of your GDPR efforts, including your privacy-related policies and procedures, allowing you to centralise the management of your GDPR compliance. ‘Spearline Data Protection’ will allow you to identify, investigate and report on any breaches that may occur in your organisation.


Grainne is a Skibbereen native who forged a career internationally in New York, London and Tokyo holding senior operational roles in Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan. With 20 years experience in the financial sector and a legal background, she is a highly experienced, delivery focused, change management professional with a proven track record of leadership and solutions delivery with a strong focus on Operational, Project and Programme Management as well as expertise in Regulatory Compliance.


For the  ISO27001 conference Grainne will conduct a workshop on Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) which is one of the key features of ‘Spearline Data Protection’. DPIAs are used to identify and mitigate against any data protection related risks that could occur with a new project. This workshop will facilitate you in the identification of privacy risks within your organisation, opening discourse on the minimisation of these risks. This not only ties in with GDPR compliance for the May 2018 deadline but also long term ensuring your organisation employs best practices policies in the handling of data.



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